Mineral Eye Brow Filler - 3g
Mineral Eye Brow Filler - 3g
Mineral Eye Brow Filler - 3g
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Mineral Eye Brow Filler - 3g

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Your eyebrows says it all!!! It shape your face and open up your eyes when filled in and shaped.

The eyebrow fillers will make your brows look fuller while helping to keep your hairs at bay all day!

How to use;
Use an angled brow brush to effortlessly outline and fill brows. ( don't need to wet it and it will also contaminate the product) 
Use a light hand and soft strokes to get the most natural look, building up slowly if needed.

It is available in 7 colours: Blonde, Ginger, Shiraz, Russet, Light Brown. Brown and Dark Brown.

On the third image you will see my fresh face (no makeup on, Sorry) using Dark Brown, eyebrow filler on my right eyebrow.

It will come in a small jars that holds 3 grams of the product. You will see some "crystals" on the product, (from cetyl alcohol made from coconuts, may contain palm oil too?) but that is normal. It will come with an angled brow brush.

*Ingredients: Cetyl alcohol (natural fatty coconut oil (not alcohol) derived wax) to keep your hairs in place. Fractionated coconut oil to nourish your brows, 
Non GMO vitamin E, Silica Micro-spheres, & oxides*



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