About Us

Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder, it's in how you feel...

Rhasdala Beauty is developed in the beautiful coastal shire of Hervey Bay, Australia.

Each product is created with an emphasis on NATURAL & ORGANIC ingredients that WORK!

Rhasdala Beauty products are formulated using the best nature has to offer with vitamins, luxurious oils, botanicals and proven cosmetic components.

Rhasdala Beauty not only cares about your skin, we care about our environmental footprint too. Wherever possible we use eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable & some of our products you can order refills for.




Skin Care Kits

Quality skin care does not have to be difficult or take a lot of time. A good basic routine is CLEANSE, TONE & MOISTURISE twice daily. Using a masque and/or scrub once or twice a week can also help refine the skin's texture.

Rhasdala Beauty Skin Care range has been developed with a focus on NATURAL ingredients (using 95% natural and 70% organic ingredients), without compromising quality or effectiveness and it comes in four complete skin care kits. (Suitable to four different skin types).



Rhasdala Beauty Cosmetics

Rhasdala Beauty Mineral Cosmetics is the perfect choice for oily/combination skin, but can be great on any skin type.
Mineral Cosmetics is non comodogenic (non pore clogging), does not rub off easily, allows the skin to breathe and contains ingredients that actually benefit the skin rather than irritate and clog.

Rhasdala Beauty is Free from Silicons, Synthetic Parabens, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde-releasers, Sulphates, Acrylates, Polymers, Detergents, Fragrances, Pthalates, Mineral oil, Petrochemicals, synthetic dye, polysorbates, GMO and artificial colours.

There is sustainable palm oil in 10% of Rhasdala products, but Rhasdala is working hard on eliminating palm oil all together in the near future and is busy reformulating the products that has sustainable palm oil in it.